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DETAIL: Highlight

Install a white bathroom suite; fit some quality fixtures and the chances are you can’t go wrong. If you want to make a statement add some coloured tiles to the equation, take inspiration from Christoph Niemann and Lisa Zeitz, who highlighted a corner. To balance the room introduce accessories with the same shades, though use sparingly.


1. Coloured tiles– Johnsons Tiles    

2. Bath – Bathstore 


Image: Via



1- ‘Cibele’ – A new concept for a small bathtub with a customisable exterior covering by Cielo

2- ‘Long Cotton Trenchcoat’ by Zara – £99.99. (I have added my name to the waiting list)

 3- 1960′s G Plan Cocktail Chair By Florrie and Bill

4- ‘Crane’ Candelabra by Tom Dixon (launching at Maison Objet)

5- A.P.C. Faux Suede Trimmed Cotton Blend Raincoat – £325 at Mr Porter



For a luxurious style fix, add a glass wardrobe to your bedroom. Certainly, you will be required to meticulously curate your garments. But go ahead with the look only if you have the tidy streak. As one of the main pieces of a bedroom it will set the tone for the room. Settling for second best with furniture means you will replace in due course. Save to buy your dream furniture, you will be glad you did. Imagine waking up with this glass wardrobe every day, wouldn’t it put a smile on your face? Where can you buy one? Københavns Møbelsnedkeri.




PALETTE: Matt / blue & green hues / neutral accents




NEW AT HOME: Coat stand

I am compelled to share this with people who understand. The husband returned home with a fine specimen of a coat stand, identical to this picture. It was about to be chopped up! Now it stands in pride of place, for all to see; in our hallway. He has such a good eye. On top of that he bought two green Totem Portmeirion plates for 10p. Yes 10p. What a week for vintage finds.


STORE CARDS: Ferm Living


STORE CARDS:  The hottest products from stores & designers I recommend.

Today the Plant Stand by Ferm Living is in the spotlight. Should I be saying this? I want one and they are sold out. How can I deprive the design folk of these? I can’t. So, it may take me longer to claim one for myself. The fine tuned wire structures are suitable for indoor use only and made with powder coated iron wire. Available in two sizes ‘shortly’ from www.fermliving.com




For the last couple of months I have gone underground on S/S/A/W. Why you may ask? I’m busy finding my feet as the new Editor for Despoke. Quickly, it came to pass; there were not enough hours in the day. Fast-forward three months. Now with the wind in my sails, rota settled, I am all set to fill you in on the latest happenings at S/S/A/W. Plus, I am delighted to say ’twas not in vain, it was worth it. Despoke is shortlisted for ‘The Most Innovative Company Blog” at the National UK Blog Awards 2014. Take a look, I hope you like what you find. Posts on Despoke are delivered Monday and Friday so don’t forget to stop there too. These couples of images show what you may have missed.


S/S/A/W DESIGN BILLBOARD No. 2: London Design Festival 2013 TOP 50

S/S/A/W DESIGN BILLBOARD No. 2: London Design Festival 2013

15,000 Design devotees have decided the Top 50 Brands / Designers from London Design Festival 2013.
Massive congratulations to all.

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